Research projects and reports:


2020-2022: Nowcasting tourism demand amid Covid-19 in Latin American and Caribbean countries. Research project funded by Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, USA. [Link] [Working paper] [C7 News] [SER Las Palmas]


















2020: Forecasting tourism demand amid Covid-19 in Grenada. Research project funded by The World Bank, Washington, USA.


2019-2022: "C-Bridge: Building a working bridge between Cost-Benefit Analysis and Computable General Equilibrium". EIBURS call on "Improving the measurement of the indirect effects of investment projects: specifying and calibrating EIA methods to maximise compatibility with CBA". Research project funded by European Investment Bank Institute, Luxembourg. [Link]


















2018-2020: "Airbnb phenomenon: Growth or relocalization?". Research project funded by FEDEA, Spain. [Link]


2018-2019: "Ex-ante economic evaluation of a new train corridor in Gran Canaria and Tenerife". Research project funded by Canary Islands Transport Consortium, Spain. [Report] [News]


2018: "Economic impact evaluation of the entrance of off-shore airwind renewable energy producers in Gran Canaria". Report for Equinor, Norway. [News]


2017-2019: "The impact of the new digital era on tourism and air transport markets". Research project funded by Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad, Spain. Grant No.: ECO2016-80268-R


2016: "Ex-ante assessment of tourism investment in Uruguay". Report for Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, USA. [Report]


2015/2016: "Tourism investment in Central America". Report for Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, USA.


2015: "Final evaluation of Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Development Project". Report for The World Bank, Washington, USA. [Link]















2014/2015: "National Tourism Program: Barbados". Report for Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, USA. [Link]


2013/2014: "Impact of transport infrastructure on international competitiveness of Europe". Report for European Commission, contract number 314395 - FP7.



















2012: "Assessing sustainable tourism projects with multicriteria decision methods". University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Research Programme, Spain.


2009/2011: "Economic Evaluation of Transport Projects". CEDEX, Ministerio de Fomento, Spain. [Web] [Guidelines] [Link to chapter]


2009: "Elements and steps towards more sustainable tourism investments", Report for World Wide Fund (WWF), Italy. [On-line paper]


2006/2007: "Drivers of tourism demand in United Kingdom". Report for Department for Culture, Media, and Sport, British Government, London, UK.


2006: "Guizhou Cultural and Natural Heritage Protection and Development Project: Tourism Supply and Demand Analysis". Report for The World Bank, Washington, USA. [Link]




















2006: "Evaluation of tourism marketing". Report for East Midlands Tourism, Nottingham, UK.


2005: "Inbound tourism demand to Arab countries". Report for Arab Competitiveness Report of Arab Planning Institute, Kuwait.


2005: "Tourism trends and economic impacts in Tenerife". Report for Cabildo de Tenerife, Canary Islands Government, Tenerife, Spain.


2004/2005: "Tourism competitiveness indicators". Report for World Travel and Tourism Council, London, UK.


2004: "Tourism indicators, forecasting and scenario models". Report for VisitScotland, Edinburgh, UK. [Link to report]