Degree Thesis (TFT)


I can supervise up to 2 TFT students per year. If you are interested, please contact me by September.



PhD Thesis


Federico Inchausti Sintes


Tourism: Low cost carriers, climate and economic crisis  [Link] (22/09/2014, best PhD thesis in social sciences and law prize at ULPGC)



Inchausti-Sintes (2015) "Tourism: Economic growth, employment and Dutch disease", Annals of Tourism Research Vol. 54: 172-189.


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Eugenio-Martin and Inchausti-Sintes (2016) "Low-cost travel and tourism expenditures", Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 57: 140-159.



Estefanía Sánchez Cevallos


Analysis and implications of the spatial distribution of tourist attractions: The case of Ecuador [Link] (22/09/2017)



Ubay Pérez Granja


Economic consequences of tourism specialization [Link] (15/02/2021, best PhD thesis in social sciences and law prize at ULPGC)



Eugenio-Martin and Perez-Granja (2021) "Have low-cost carriers crowded out full services and charter carriers in tourism destinations? A trivariate structural time series analysis", Journal of Travel Research, Vol. 60(4): 810-832.


Inchausti-Sintes, Pérez-Granja and Morales-Mohamed (2021) "Analysing labour productivity and its economic consequences in the two Spanish tourist archipelagos" Tourism Economics, Vol. 27(5): 1039-1059.


Inchausti-Sintes and Pérez-Granja (2022) "Monetary policy and exchange rate regime in tourist islands", Tourism Economics, Vol. 28(2): 325-348.



José Manuel Cazorla Artiles


New approaches for the analysis of tourism policies: latent demand, P2P, events and information systems [Link] (13/05/2022)



Eugenio-Martin, Cazorla-Artiles and González-Martel (2019) "On the determinants of Airbnb location and its spatial distribution", Tourism Economics, Vol. 25(8): 1224-1244.


Eugenio-Martin and Cazorla-Artiles (2020) "The shares method for revealing latent tourism demand", Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 84: 1-17.


Cazorla-Artiles, J.M. and J.L. Eugenio-Martin  (2023) "Optimal targeting of latent tourism demand segments", Tourism Management, Vol. 95: 104685. [Paper].