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Algunos problemas resueltos

Algunos problemas de "The Fibonnacci Quarterly"



n-2 ceros reales






Funciones diferenciables


n! y número e

Serie de números complejos



Sucesión periódica


Desigualdad con polinomios

Límite cero

Producto infinito


Polinomios 2007

Snake oil method

Límite de una integral n-dimensional

Identidad combinatoria

A Variant Intermediate Value

An Infinite Product

An Inequality for Triangles


Two sums of Lucas numbers

Counting Permutations With Two Displacement Values

A Polynomial Identity

Divisibility of a Central Binomial Sum

Roots and Coefficients of a Quartic Function

Representations of a generating function

Two closely related definite integrals

An inequality

A comparison test

Lucas and Fibonacci Squares

Sum of a Product

A sum involving odd roots of unity

The limit of a Riemann sum

Baking a Pi with Factorials

Polynomials and Exponential Function

No Straight Line Normal to Hyperbolic Functions

An ellipsoid and a plane

The Number of Balanced Senates from n States

An Intermediate Point

An infinite sum of a function with its Taylor polynomial

A Combinatorial Identity from Arcsin

Calculating the Wiener index

An inequality with definite integrals of a convex function

An Infinite Product for the Exponential

Can You See the Telescope?

An Exponential Inequality

Some kth order Fibonacci Limits

Squares On Graphs

An Intermediate Value Theorem conclusion

Logarithmic Diofantic equation

A Definite Hyperbolic

A Lobachevsky Integral

A Quartic Inequality

Diaphontine Equation But Fibonacci Solutions

The Gamma function and an infinite product

An infinite sum with the Pell-Lucas numbers

Convergence of a Prime-denominated Series

Counting block fountains of coins

The row sum divides the determinant

A Stirling product

An inequality for the excircles of a triangle

Two Identities for Quartic Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers

Product-sum inequality

Una serie

f vanishes identically

A mean value formula

A definite integral and the Glaisher-Kinkelin constant

Sum of Products

A Lot of Sums!

Another Sum and a Product

Generalized Fibonacci Polynomials . . . Again!

A Sum of Pell Numbers

Triangles in a Subdivided Polygon

An Integral with Fractional Parts

Asymptotics of a Product

Explaining a Polynomial

Constructing a sequence satisfying certain properties

Conditions for f ''(c) = 0 with c in (0, 1)


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